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tilde.team offers gemini hosting!

see our homepage for a list of users.

gemini://tilde.team you'll need a gemini client to view that page or a web proxy

to be added to the homepage, simply create a public_gemini directory:

mkdir -p ~/public_gemini

if you need a basic gemini client, bombadillo is installed and can even do gopher as well.

cgi is also supported. make sure that you have a proper shebang and set the file to be executable.

cgi must print the status and type per the gemini spec: here's a simple example in sh

printf "20 text/gemini\r\n"
printf "hello world\n"

only the first line of the file MUST send \r\n

for more info see the CGI page

see you in geminispace and feel free to stop by #gemini on irc to discuss!