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the gopher protocol was created in 1991. it didn't survive long due to draconic licensing.

we're trying to keep this cool corner of the web alive.

add and create your gophersite

tilde.team serves user gopherholes from your ~/public_gopher directory.

to get listed on the main gophermap, make some changes to your root gophermap. the root gophermap diffs against the default gophermap that was included with your account.

if a file called gophermap exists in the directory you're currently browsing to in gopher, it will get processed and displayed.

see this example for more information on file types and special chars.

one of the coolest item types supported in gophernicus is = which allows you to include other gophermaps or the output of executables.

you can even make your whole gophermap executable and it will be run through whatever interpreter you specify in the shebang.

browse gophersites

if you're currently connected from a tilde.team shell, you can use the lynx browser.

lynx gopher://tilde.team

if you want to access the gophersite in your public_gopher dir, use the following link structure: gopher://tilde.team/1/~username

you can install it on your local machine too :)

otherwise, you can use our http proxy to browse the gophernet.

hope to see you on there soon!