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My Linux Distro Rant

May 19, 2022 — ~mangeshrex

My guide for newbies into LINUX Journey

So u are entering the world of linux it’s really a fabulous and good thing. Everyone needs to do this one day. Linux is a thing everyone should learn. And u are one of them.

In this journey you’ll be depressed confused happy proud competetive and many more of different feelings. You will feel like “i wanna do like him I just want to ”. But keep in mind this journey would be very fabulous and interesting linux would be a part of your life. Most importantly using linux and learning it will make a mindset about hard work and “time management”.

Next a stable DISTRO according to your needs.

If u are a newbie so go for these.

–Linux mint –ElementaryOS –Zorin –deepin –Linux lite (for low spec machine) –Manjaro Linux –Chakra Linux –EndeavourOS If u are willing to learn hacking then, most probably u know which OS or distro to go on.


– Debian (modify your tools according to needs) – Parrot OS “mate version” (good for beginners and it’s a one time investment).

Choose your distro wisely you can visit or for perfect choice. The linux distribution world is like a labyrinth. So find a stable distro most probably the ones which i’ve recommended or ping the people for guide (no PM’s allowed u can ask here).

At last the control and everything is in your hand.

– Best Wishes 👍🏻

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What is Booting?

May 13, 2022 — ~mangeshrex

In Easy words. Assume a mother is a superset and her child is a subset. In the same way an operating system is a superset and booting is a subset.

Now i’ll add some great words from a genius.

“ A child gives birth to mother ” In Technical words this statement is false, but imagine if a lady doesnt has a child or a baby, she is called a lady or a women but a women/lady with child/baby is called a mother.

So now u can relate this with booting and operating system. Technically booting is a part of Operating System. Hence, the Operating should start should start the booting process but its the other way around.

Booting is the process which gives birth to the Operating System. The initial bootstrap program is found in the BIOS read-only memory. This program run diagnostics initialize all components of the system, loads and the the Operating System loader starts.This is al so called as boot strapping.

I Just Gave a try on this. Hope you understand.

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