I write things. Sometimes they're good, sometimes they're bad, and sometimes I forget about them and never update them.

So far I have written 7 stories.

A play about a terrible Blank's Got Talent ripoff.

Newt Alexander is a British exchange student, living with a host family in Acacia Bay, NY in the Druthery Lane trailer park. While he doesn't know it yet, his life is about to change.
A short book being written in a canon one of my friends created. Main character is my character in that canon.

"At any other time, the Beast of Death appearing would’ve raised an alarm. After all, seeing the Beast of Death strolling through your den usually meant someone was going to die."
The Beast of Death is wounded and in need of serious help. Only one wolf comes to mind.
A bit of filler as I take a short break from The Journal of Newt Alexander. Examines relations in the universe of The Journal while not being as much of a hassle to write.

Rise J. Adams is an intelligent navy blue hedgehog who taught himself everything he knows. He admires Sonic and company but thinks they will never accept him due to his social awkwardness. He eventually is given the chance to join the team after rescuing them when a battle with Eggman went awry. Will he fit in, or will he be too awkward?

"Amy would never do such a thing!"
"How dare you say that about poor Amy!"
Amy leaves, and Sonic is overjoyed. But why?

Small fanfic about a LapisxOC relationship in a human AU. Never really went anywhere. As good as cancelled unless I get more motivation.

A small fic that was eventually going to bloom into Lapidot relationships. I honestly don't think I'll ever finish it.