Here We Are Again

STOP! This site has moved.

This site was used for development and testing purposes. All current content has moved permanently to http://jdcard.com/. Whatever remains here is being maintained only for archival, historical reference, or testing purposes.

10 july 2022

Another simple test.

=> spartan://jdcard.tilde.team My pages via Spartan => gemini://tilde.team/jdcard My pages via Gemini

Here is a code sample. It should be displayed in a mono-spaced font without collapsing white-space. code BASIC 10 REM Hello World 20 PRINT "Hello World!"; 30 END

Level 2 heading

Some text.

Some more text.

Level 3 heading

Text again

This is something somebody else said.

We need a list

That pretty much covers the what we need for Gemtext.



30 june 2022

Just Another Test

I'm fiddling with the stylesheet so I need to have various kinds of content included here to make sure I don't have unexpected surprises later.


Normal content looks like this. Words collected into sentences, which are then aggregated to form paragrphs.

Somebody else said something important.

It was so important it took two paragraphs to cover all the details.

| 1.1       | 1.2     | 1.3     |
| 2.1       | 2.2     | 2.3     |
| 3.1       | 3.2     | 3.3     |
| 4.1       | 4.2     | 4.3     |
| 5.1       | 5.2     | 5.3     |

H3 level heading

10 REM This is my first BASIC program.
20 PRINT "Hello world!"
30 END

Here is a link to => spartan://jdcard.tilde.team my Spartan page.

We might also encounter a list:


Since I'm switching my work to Spartan why would I care what happens here?

Definition 1
Definition 2
Defined here

Apparently the "---------" marker I left here was translated to a horizontal rule level one header.

There should be a horizontal rule directly below this line, and

there should be a horizontal rule (the same one) directly above this line.

Apparently the "==========" marker I left here was translated to a horizontal rule. And where are these H1 headers coming from? I certainly did not ask for them!

OK, that's probably enough nonsense for now.


Markdown is very annoying! Gemtext is elegantly simple, but doesn't actually work here except where it matches markdown. If I need something more than Gemtext offers I'll certainly NOT choose markdown since I learned HTML well before markdown in it various inconsistent flavors became available.

Output to HTML and gopher is useful, but I really want Gemtext to be the primary output.

This may be my last "feel" or blog entry or whatever using the TTBP tool.

25 june 2022

A Simple Test

Here is a test to see if I can do anything useful with ttbp.

I am hoping I can symlink this to me public_spartan directory and build a Spartan blog.

I suppose I should finish this post and see what happens to it.

Hmmm... one entry per day, with no automatic timestamp. Ummm... okay, I guess.

OK, I edited the config/header.txt so adding more text here and saving it should force a rebuild.