The whole point of having a account (for me) was to have place where it is easy to provide content using the Spartan protocol. So... here it is: spartan://

Since I'm now focussing my efforts on the Spartan protocol it is probably a good idea to point folks to appropriate client software. As of mid-June 2022 I am thinking that Lagrange is the best choice for a GUI Spartan client, and I'm still trying to decide whether I like Bollux or Offpunk for use in the Linux console. I haven't found an Android client yet, but Bollux works in Termux there. If you dont have a Spartan client you may still read it using the Spartan-to-HTML proxy at

A account provides lots of other nice features for folks who like to keep things simple*, including a minimalist blog server. Here's what there is of my blog in the tildeverse.

* - "Simple" in a Linux sort of way. There is an old story of a Linux user who responded to a complaint that Linux is not at all user-friendly in this way: "Of course Linux is user-friendly! It's just picky about who its friends are."