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Leftist hacker wannabe | she/they | GNU/Linux enthusiast => freedom is a left thing | Hardcore Pythonista | Jazz pianist, electronic music composer | Kraftwerk enjoyer | Unproud Italian (but I can cook good pasta)

You found my little place. Welcome, I hope you're fine.
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Here's some artists i like: Kraftwerk, Orion Experience, Yorxe, Electric Swing Circus, Thelonius Monk, Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong (especially when together), Toby Fox (for real, he got the thing), probably more but here & now I got those in mind


According to the political compass test I'm an anarcho commie, my dot overlaps with Noam Chomsky's one. Draw your conclusions, or keep reading. I believe in equality, freedom (m), and all those scary words like worker's ownership of the means of production, complete removal of figures like landlords, employers, investors, Elon Musk(lol). Everything beneficial of those guys can be managed by the state/communes.
Gonna continue this some day, for now, here's a *virtual hug* enjoy <3