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This page will explain how to set up your tilde.team account for Lua programming.


Luarocks is a package manager for the Lua, similar to Python's PIP, Perl's PPM, and other programming languages' package mangers. To download and install a package from the Luarocks repository type the following into a terminal: luarocks install [package-name] --local where [package-name] is the name of the package you want to install (without square brackets). The '--local' argument is necessary to install the package to your user folder rather than the default path of '/usr/local/', which tilde.team users do not have write access to.

Lua uses the environment variables 'LUA_PATH' and 'LUA_CPATH' to find installed packages. By default, these paths do not include the paths that Luarocks installs package to, so the Lua interpreter will not be able to find installed packages. The luarocks path command can be used to modify the LUA_PATH and LUA_CPATH environment variables to include the paths that Luarocks installs packages to. The following command will modify the environment variables appropriately: eval $(luarocks path --bin) Add this to your ~/.bashrc file to make these environment variables always include the necessary paths.

The version of Luarocks installed on tilde.team is configured for use with Lua version 5.1, so packages installed with Luarocks will not be usable with lua 5.2.

Lua Versions

Tilde.team has two versions of the Lua interpreter installed; version 5.1 and version 5.2. When you type lua into a terminal it will run version 5.2 by default. To run Lua version 5.1 simply type lua5.1.

To set the default Lua interpreter to version 5.1 set a bash alias with the following command: alias lua="/usr/bin/lua5.1" Add this to your ~/.bashrc file to always use version 5.1 as the default Lua interpreter.